What is a Song?

      So, music is something fantastic that influence on a man very much. A song is a special type of musical art that unites a melody and poems and makes people admire of this unity. Songs may be very diverse. First of all it can be distinguish folk songs, which are made up by folks but not professionals. These performances were transferred from generation to generation. They express working activities, historical events, holidays, everyday life and traditions. A new generation has known much about ancient times through music, about people of the past and their behavior and inclinations and, of course, about the instruments they play.
      Another kind of songs is professional. As a rule, it is designed by a composer but not folk and it differs with genre, form and means of writing. Besides, such a song is performed by a professional singer with a perfect voice to music.
      Songs played a very important role in man's life. Classifications of songs were diverse. Long ago Ellen's songs were such as hymn, songs about love, drinking songs and the like. In the middle age there appeared canons, cantons, rondo, serenades and so on. The song was actually living according to church's rules. The song was characterized by epic genre - the historic events and legends of heroes were widely celebrated. In Renaissance a song's form became much simpler due to the fact that church stopped to influence on music. There was a time when folk songs began developing. At that very time vocal and vocal-instrumental arts appeared. There were new genre like flotilla, villanelle, ballade and madrigal. This epoch had been complicated with such genre as cantata, oratory, and solo. These genres are represented in opera in our days. Later this trend provided with homophone style. And a song became essential both in form and essence. It was the baroque time. The basis of any song is melody and words for sure. The musical division is subjected to poetical lines and thanks to that fact a song's melody and words may be changed in other ones. The main idea is the preservation of the construction of strophe and the size of the text. A song can be performed to instrumental accompaniment or dancing. However, the main instrument is surely a voice, this wonderful God's prize given to a man.