What is instrumental music? It is easy to explain - this is such music that is performed without voice accompaniment and it is played different instruments. Like a song it can be divided into some types. First, solo performance is characterized by one performer who plays alone excluding other musical instruments, a song, or a dance. Second, assemble of performers' plays a small group of instruments followed by a singer or without him. Third, orchestra performance includes a number of performers and instruments. The orchestra can be symphonic or camera one depending on the kinds of instruments. According to instrumental group the orchestra can be band, brass, wooden-band, string and so on. Today the instrumental music has found both in classic and modern performances, namely: jazz, rock, and electronic music. Nevertheless it has had a very long and interesting history. It was a man's voice that was the first sound and it turned out the first musical instrument. When a man bit a stone and the latter gave a noise, later it was a thin tone of a string, shell's sound and the like. In this way percussions, string and wind instruments turned up very quickly. And a man started using these sounds very perfectly. A group of musical instruments named percussions is the largest one. They are divided into various subgroups according to their tuning: drums, membrane, and tambourine; bells, tympani, gongs and so on; and key-board percussions such as xylophone, small bells, celesta and so on. The latters are quite different - they are played only notes. The basis of the string group instruments is definitely a fiddlestick, which performs music. These instruments are used in symphonic orchestra - they are first violins, second violins, violoncello and contrabass. The next group of instruments is wind it is divided into wooden, bass, brass-bass and language wind ones. Each of them plays its important part in orchestra. Any instrumental music helps perform a song or a dance that are ancient type of arts. A dance, for example, has been existed about several centuries. Its distinctive feature refers to a man's body's plastic movements that are so expressive for everyone in any country can understand the meaning of a dance. It can express emotions, thoughts and ideas absolutely in a new way.